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Nissan Qashqai Toughseal Paint Protection Bendigo

Nissan Qashqai Toughseal Paint Protection Bendigo

Today we gave this brand new pearl white Nissan Qashqai the Toughseal treatment.

The owner who is a returning customer, who recognises the benefits of having his vehicles protected with the world class Toughseal treatment, and loves the fact that his cars stay looking good, and are much easier to keep clean.

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“There is no shine like the ToughSeal Shine !”

nissan-qashqai-logo-toughseal-paint-protection-bendigo Nissan Qashqai Toughseal Paint Protection Bendigo

Subaru Paint Correction and Toughseal Paint Protection Bendigo

Subaru Paint Correction and Toughseal Paint Protection Bendigo

Today we performed a bit of a “makeover” on a 7 year old Subaru XV. The car was in reasonable condition, but being a dark colour it showed every scratch, chip and dent.

We started off by repairing the little shopping trolley type dents in the door using PDR (paintless dent repair) techniques, then moved on to correcting the paint, and removing all the scratches, and repairing the chips and larger scratches that could not be buffed out.

Finally we applied the legendary ToughSeal paint protection to not only protect the paint, but also to give an insane shine.

“Better Than New”  – a delighted customers comment.

car paint protection bendigo subaru xv toughsealsubaru xv toughseal car-paint-protection-bendigo

Toyota Corolla Toughseal Paint Protection Bendigo

2 month old Toyota Corolla, treated with ToughSeal paint protection by DucoPro. The owner was absolutely blown away by the finish.

toughseal paint protection bendigo

The truth is that ToughSeal correctly applied by an experienced technician, will make your car shinier than it has ever been, and also give a long lasting (never have to wax again) shine.

toyota corolla toughseal paint protection bendigo

Holden SS Ute Toughseal Paint Protection Shine Bendigo

A great photo showing off the awesome finish obtained by Toughseal Bendigo.

Pictured is a Holden SS ute which underwent a paint correction process to get rid of scratches and paint blemishes, and then treated with the world class Toughseal paint protection products.

holden ss ute toughseal bendigo



Holden SS Commodore Show Car

Had a bit of fun helping a proud Holden SS Commodore owner prepare their car for an upcoming show.

The car is an absolute credit to the owner, and it was a pleasure to help get it looking the goods using ToughSeal products.

SS Commodore toughseal bendigoToughseal paint protection SS Commodore Bendigo

Mercedes Vito Toughseal Paint Protection

Mercedes Vito Toughseal Paint Protection Bendigo

Another great Toughseal paint protection result, with this Mercedes Vito van coming up a treat.

ToughSeal Paint Protection Berndigo Mercedes Vito van

The vehicle had a both internal (leather, vinyl and fabric) protection, and external paint Toughseal protection applied. Besides not having to polish the vihicle ever again, the owners also have a bit of peace of mind that their new Merc Vito is protected from the elements.

Isuzu Dmax Toughseal paint protection bendigo

Isuzu D-Max ToughSeal Paint Protection

Here we have a farmers two year old Isuzu D-Max ute after a good clean and an application of the legendary ToughSeal Paint Protection. After the ute was given a good wash, we proceeded to go over the duco with a clay pad, then apply the ToughSeal Paint Protection. This farmer has all his vehicles treated with ToughSeal, as he has found that they are a lot easier to keep clean.


Toyota 86 Toughseal Paint Protection Bendigo

Toyota 86 ToughSeal Paint Protection Bendigo

What can be better than owning one of these awesome Toyota 86’s ? That would be owning a Toyota 86 with a long lasting ToughSeal paint protection mirror finish. The best way to make just about any car look great !

HSV Commodore Paint Protection Bendigo

HSV Commodore ToughSeal Paint Protection Bendigo

This was a great job, not often I get to work on a mint HSV VT Commodore. Gave the old girl the full treatment, paint correction followed by an application of ToughSeal Paint Protection, and the result is awesome.
This is a great example of how ToughSeal is not only for brand new cars, but can also improve the look of older cars.