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Nissan Pulsar Custom Polish and Dent Repair Bendigo

Today’s  job was helping to restore this very nice old (17 years old) Nissan pulsar to a better than new finish.

Due to the age of the car, there was the usual shopping trolley dings in the doors, and plenty of scratches etc from daily wear and tare.

We started of by pushing out the dents using PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) techniques, and then moved on to a 3 stage paint correction to give the old girl an amazing finish.

Nissan Pulsar Dent Repair and paint correction bendigoNissan Pulsar Custom Polish Mirror Shine Bendigo

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Holden SSV Ute Paintless Dent Repair and Paint Correction Bendigo

Holden SSV Ute Paintless Dent Repair and Paint Correction Bendigo

Today’s job was giving this awesome Holden SSV ute a bit of a makeover.

The vehicle had a few dents which wrere repaired using Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) techniques, and then the paintwork was given a 3 stage paint correction to give it the best mirror shine possible.

Holden SSV Ute Paintless Dent Repair and Paint Correction Bendigo

The owner commented that “he never expected his car to look that good”

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Toyota Corolla Toughseal Paint Protection Bendigo

2 month old Toyota Corolla, treated with ToughSeal paint protection by DucoPro. The owner was absolutely blown away by the finish.

toughseal paint protection bendigo

The truth is that ToughSeal correctly applied by an experienced technician, will make your car shinier than it has ever been, and also give a long lasting (never have to wax again) shine.

toyota corolla toughseal paint protection bendigo

car hail damage repair bendigo

Car Hail Damage Repair Bendigo

One of todays jobs was repairing 30 odd hail dents on a Suzuki Alto. Hail damage is fairly common occurence in Australia, and used to cost a fortune to repair. Fortunately this type of damage can now be repaired using paintless dent repair techniques, saving both money and time.

mazda cx-9 paint correction and custom polish

Mazda CX-9 Custom Paint Correction & Custom Polish

Today I got to work on a Mazda CX-9, the paint was dull and had a lot of light scratches, and a couple of fairly deep nasties, there were also a few dents and paint chips.
I started off by repairing the dents using PDR techniques, and then performed a 3 step paint correction and custom polish, including polishing the mag wheels. I finished up by treating all the trim, and repairing / touching up the paint chips. The result is one very shiny scratch and chip free car.

mazda cx-9 mirror finish

Holden Commodore Paintless Dent Repair Bendigo

Holden Commodore Paintless Dent Repair Bendigo

One of the bits of work carried out today was the paintless dent repair of a nasty sharp dent on a Holden Commodore, courtesy of some other negligent driver opening their door. The owner of the car was very happy with the result which can be seen in the image.