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Holden SS Ute Toughseal Paint Protection Shine Bendigo

A great photo showing off the awesome finish obtained by Toughseal Bendigo.

Pictured is a Holden SS ute which underwent a paint correction process to get rid of scratches and paint blemishes, and then treated with the world class Toughseal paint protection products.

holden ss ute toughseal bendigo



HSV Commodore Paint Protection Bendigo

HSV Commodore ToughSeal Paint Protection Bendigo

This was a great job, not often I get to work on a mint HSV VT Commodore. Gave the old girl the full treatment, paint correction followed by an application of ToughSeal Paint Protection, and the result is awesome.
This is a great example of how ToughSeal is not only for brand new cars, but can also improve the look of older cars.